Neeka Allsup is a practicing oil painter from Austin, Texas.
Born in the back of her family owned toy store (yes, a home birth with a mid-wife), she frequently incorporates images from childhood toys and cartoons. Her art is characterized by the use of energetic auras, spirited inanimate objects, and detached body parts. She creates fantastical scenes depicting cartoon-ishly alive figures and forms juxtaposed with commonplace objects such as furniture. She generously applies a wide color palette and patterns to ornament her painted rooms, furniture, and figures.

Neeka graduated from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010 where she studied painting, bronze casting and animation. Neeka founded the Nudge Gallery in Chicago, and worked at West Supply assisting in the production of bronze furniture for Holly Hunt and other designers. She currently works on paintings in Staunton IL